Jan 29

How To Buy Gold Online and Sell It

how to buy and sell gold online

If you are thinking of investing in gold, a good thing to know is how to buy gold online and sell it. I have already written about the buying part of the process, so let’s concentrate on the selling part.

 How To Buy Gold Online And Sell It

Read about how to buy gold online here When you do decide it’s time to sell, you want to get the best price you can. How can you make sure you are getting the best prices possible? And where should you sell your gold? It’s a lot easier than people might think. Gold is valuable in the global marketplace and you can sell it whenever you want or need to. Gold is a liquid investment. Because the market for gold is so large, you are able to easily sell (or buy) gold, even if you are in the middle of nowhere. Your main focus will be to get the best price you possibly can when you sell. As I said before, you can pretty much sell it anywhere, anytime. In order to get the best selling price though, you are going to want to do your homework. Sometimes a broker might try to tell you that you can only sell back them at whatever price they want to pay. This isn’t true, so don’t let them trick you into selling for less than you deserve. Some of your options for selling gold: You can sell back to a coin dealer in your area. The important thing to remember here is that sometimes that can be like dealing with an unscrupulous used car dealer. In order to stay alive in their business, they need to sell at high prices, while buying at low prices. They have to have room to resell at a profit. While it’s not likely that you can get top dollar this way, it’s convenient and if you have an urgent situation where you need cash quickly, it might be an option. You can also choose to sell your gold yourself on eBay, Craigslist, your local newspaper, etc. Keep in mind this method of selling can get tricky sometimes. You definitely need to know what you are doing before moving forward with this. There are bad and unscrupulous people everywhere, unfortunately. There isn’t a lot to stop them from just taking your gold and maybe even hurt you in the process. Arrange to meet the interested party somewhere safe. The parking lot at the local police station, in the lobby at your bank, or someplace like that. Don’t ever give out your home address. This isn’t an option that everyone will consider. Some of the larger dealers will allow you to sell back to them directly. Do your research to see which dealer has the best prices or terms. This option is probably much safer than trying to sell your gold on your own. Shop aroundfor the best price when you sell, just like you looked for the best price when you bought your gold. You don’t have to sell back to the dealer you bought from, look for the one who will give you the best price. You might be surprised, but a lot of people don’t take the time to do their homework. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Why would you shop for a great deal when buying, then sell and leave money on the table? Once you decide on a dealer to sell to, you will usually have to pay to ship it to the dealer. Be sure to always insure the package for enough to more than cover the value. All you have to do is put your gold in a FedEx or USPS box, insure the shipement, and send it off. It’s safe and very easy to do. It’s really not a big deal. Once the dealers get your package, they will usually lock your price in then. They don’t typically lock a price in at the time of shipment unless they are really undercutting the price on your gold. One thing a smart metal buyer will want to do is look at both the buy and sell prices, or the ‘round trip’, when deciding who to buy their gold from. Be sure to check out the buy back policy of a dealer before you buy from them. This is how to buy gold online and sell it. Pretty simple, really. If you can manage to buy at the best price you can, then sell at the best price later, you are light years ahead of the average investor who doesn’t do their homework.

Jan 29

Where Do You Buy Gold and Silver?

 where do you buy gold and silver

When buying gold and silver it is important to know the reputable dealers so you don’t get ripped off. So, where do you buy gold and silver? How can you get the best possible deals?

You will want to be able to buy the most possible precious metal for the lowest price you can find. Just remember to buy bullion or coins when investing in gold or silver.

Rare and graded coins might be nice, but for the purposes we have for investing you will want to stick to bullion or coins.

 Where Do You Buy Gold and Silver Online?


eBay.com is one place you can buy your precious metals from. eBay has a huge marketplace for not only gold and silver, but practically anything you want to buy. The best thing about buying gold and silver coins on eBay is the huge selection you have.

You can find some pretty cheap deals if you shop around, and sometimes you can get silver coins for under spot price on eBay. If you like to hunt bargains, this could be a fun pastime for you.

I do use eBay to buy gold and silver on occasion, but for the most part their prices are a little more than I like to pay, unless you get lucky and find a rare deal. A lot of times you can get free shipping on gold and silver coins if you choose the right seller.

Overall, I find that eBay is a safe and viable choice to buy your gold and silver coins and bullion.

Regal Assets

Regal is my favorite place to buy or sell gold and silver. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff available to help you.

Their staff has over 50 years experience dealing with precious metals. They are more than able to help you buy or sell gold and silver coins and bullion. They can also give you great advice on setting up a tax deferred retirement plan, also known as a Gold IRA. Rest assured that they will help you find the right investment for you.

Another thing I really like about Regal is that they offer a free, no obligation investment kit. Between that and the really useful information on their site, you will be able to get tons of free info to help you decide if gold or silver investing fits your overall retirement plan.

When people ask me, ‘where do you buy gold and silver?’ These are the two places I tell them about. Are there other places to buy gold and silver online?

Yes, of course there are. I’m sure many of them are good places too. These are my two favorite places to buy gold and silver because I have always had good experiences with them.

Now that you know where to buy gold and silver easily and safely, you can get started right away!

Jul 07

Convert Your 401k to Gold

Convert Your 401k to Gold

If you are thinking of rolling over your 401k, you might want to convert your 401k to gold. Adding gold to your investments is a way to increase the security in your long-term financial plan.

Convert Your 401k To Gold To Protect Your Assets

When you are building and managing an investment portfolio, your goal is to develop a family of investments that complement each other and also become more valuable over time.

Some people even have multiple retirement accounts that are just sitting around, neglected. Odds are you haven’t even looked at them for a while. This little nest egg needs some attention.

An additional 6% interest over, say 10 years, could double your money and greatly increase your income over the long haul.

If you have a neglected 401k odds are good that you could find ways to increase the interest by 6% or possibly more, in the long term.

The financial markets and the economy being what they are these days, you definitely want some diversity. Gold can give your portfolio a safe haven against inflation.

It is a real asset whose value stands on its own. Because of this, it should be a staple for any well-rounded investment portfolio.

Many people are adding gold and other precious metals to their overall retirement portfolio. They believe that gold is the ultimate asset to building wealth. This is why many investors are including a gold IRA as part of their retirement plan.

In order to use gold investing as part of your retirement plan, you have to have a self directed IRA account. Gold coins are easy to buy and sell and that is very attractive to most investors and retirement planners.

Should you convert your 401k to gold? Many people have, but only you and a financial advisor can make that decision for you. If you can get a higher interest rate by doing it and make your money grow more quickly, you might want to rollover your 401k.

The financial times are stormy at best and we all want to avoid taking huge hits to our retirement and investment accounts. I can’t imagine working all my life and saving only to find myself nearly broke at retirement.

Convert Your 401k to Gold

If you want to learn more about how to convert your 401k to gold safely and easily

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Jun 27

Gold Bullion Investing

gold bullion investingWe all know how precious gold bullion is. Lots of people dabble in gold bullion investing, but in order to be in this kind of business; you must have some knowledge regarding gold. The first country to introduce this kind of investment in the modern era was South Africa back in 1967.

From that day on, many countries wanted to produce their own series of gold coins. Here are some names of coins from each country:

Gold pandas from China

Gold eagles and buffaloes from the United States

Gold philharmonic from Austria

Gold kangaroo and kolas from Australia

Gold maple leafs from Canada

Gold krugerrands from South Africa

Gold Bullion Investing – Be Smart

Before you buy coins, be sure that you have a safe, convenient place to store them. You will want to be sure to keep up with the current price of the gold coins on the market.

You can shop and compare the price in order to get the lowest price on gold coins. Be sure to go to reputable dealer who has experience selling this kind of investment.

If you want to buy ‘eхcellent’ or ‘fine’ gold bullion coins, you may want to buy from mints or an auction.

If you want more information or knowledge regarding coins, you can go online and search for further information regarding gold bullion coins.There is a lot of information out there.

There are gold dealers on the internet who have good reputations and are reliable. As much as possible, shop for the lowest price on coins from the most reputable dealer or source.

There are lots of gold dealers to choose from whether you decide to shop locally or buy from a source on the internet.

Gold bullion investing is just like the rest of life. There can be unscrupulous people who will take advantage of you. Just be certain that when you buy gold bullion coins, you purchase from the right dealer. Keep in mind that a deal too good to be true is usually just that.



Jun 27

Best Gold Coin Investing

 best gold coin investing

 Best Gold Coin Investing

Just what is the best gold coin investing advice? Most people tend to listen to the experts when it comes to investment advice. I know I do.

Gold coin investing has seen a considerable increase in value in spite of all the economic chaos going on around the world. Everywhere around the world, people are becoming more scared about their financial futures. Retirement plans are going up in smoke and stock prices are crashing in every major world market.

Gold Bullion vs Coins

In years gone by, gold bullion was sort of the “gold standard” for investing. Most people believe the only way to invest in gold bullion is to buy gold bullion bars. That simply isn’t true. It is possible to find gold bullion coins for sale and to buy them. People like gold coin investing because the coins are easy to store and to change into cash if they need to.

Kitco gold bullion was, and still is, one of the respected leaders in the business. Today however, people are turning to other options that are more “liquid” and  more portable.

In other words, people are changing how they invest. Gold coins are becoming a more practical option that is eay to carry around and to exchange for cash if necessary. Some people think this is the best gold coin investing advice there is.

With rising gold prices those who have gold bullion coins are able to make a huge profit in today’s crazy markets. You don’t even have to know where to buy gold bars in order to make a profit because American Eagle gold bullion coins are so widely sold. You can even find these gold coins for sale on eBay.

Before you jump on the gold bullion bandwagon,  keep in mind that other precious metals are seeing a great return on investment these days too. The real beauty of investing in gold bullion or even making the decision to buy silver bullion online is that precious metals generally get higher in value over time.

Money systems may change. The value of dollars and other monetary units may go up and down. Yet there always seems to be a high demand for precious metals and even scrap metals.

What this means for you is that whether you collect gold coins or gold bullion as a failsafe, a hobby, or an investment for the future you’re going to pay less when you invest early rather than later. Now is a great time to make your investment in gold.

Do it now before gold American Eagle prices get out of your investing budget. The longer you delay in starting your gold coin investing,  the more it’s going to cost you. This is probably the best gold coin investing advice I have been given.

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Invest in Gold Bars or Gold Coins -Which Is Better?

invest in gold bars or gold coinsShould I invest in gold bars or gold coins?

When it comes time to invest, gold bullion is often brought up. Is it better to invest in gold bars or gold coins?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all gold bullion comes in gold bars. As a result, when people are advised to buy gold bullion, the sales of gold bars rises drastically.

Gold bullion can be found in several different forms. One of the more popular is in the form of coins. There are gold bullion coins on the market, such as the American eagle gold bullion coins that were minted just for the purpose of making gold more easily collectible.

But the real question is “why are so many people more interested in gold coins than bars these days?”

It is true that a lot investors are more interested in gold bullion, in 1 ounce increments like you find in some gold coins. It’s very easy to measure and also easy to transport. People are concerned about what the future holds and want to be able to have something of value on hand that they can easily take with them if it ever becomes necessary.

When deciding whether to invest in gold bars or gold coins, some people feel that gold coins are easier to sell than bars. If you’re buying gold as an investment, it’s important to make sure that you can get cash out of it quickly if an emergency arises.

Whether that moment comes during your retirement or during a crisis doesn’t really matter. The main thing you want to be sure of is that you’ll be able to turn that gold into something of value when you need to.

Selling gold bullion is fairly simple. It can be done through brokerages, online, and scrap gold can be sold in envelopes through the mail (though this is not the preferred method of selling gold).

Gold coin investment opportunities are easy to find. Whether it’s eBay,  late night infomercials, the internet, or shopping channels, there is no shortage of opportunities to buy gold coins.

Is investing in gold bars bad then?

Of course not! Gold bullion bars are great as far as investments go, depending on why you’re investing. People have different goals for their investments.

Some people like the large nest egg situated in their security vaults or safely tucked away in safety deposit boxes. It’s comforting for them to know that their stash of gold is growing in value with each passing day and that they will be able to retire comfortably.

These are the people who might be a little more secure financially and aren’t as worried about being able to cash out their gold quickly. They’re investing for the long haul and find gold to be a safe bet, rising in value both today and in the future.

Whether you invest in gold bars or gold coins isn’t really the most important thing. You can begin your gold investment small, or in a big way, depending upon your situation. The important thing is to get some information and experience with gold investing.

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Jun 23

What is Gold Bullion – Gold Bullion Investing

what is gold bullionJust what is gold bullion, anyway? Unless you’re living under a rock these days you’ve heard the huge debate about the gold standard being rehashed on the world-wide stage.

There are economic disasters plaguing  every continent on the planet it seems. Every new glitch causes increasing numbers people to begin exploring ways to purchase gold bullion.

Is gold bullion a good choice for you? Let’s put first things first, you need a bit of knowledge to help you understand what it is and why it’s proving to be so important these days.

What Is Gold Bullion?

Put simply, gold bullion is a form of gold that is practical to trade or exchange. In other words it’s a term used  to a set standard for attaching a monetary value to gold. A more formal definition would say that this is a standard that is attached to a specific quality, firmness, or weight of gold to determine its value according to currency.

The average “non-investor” type of person will have their head spinning in no time flat, especially if you’re trying to find out how to buy gold bullion coin for the first time.

You may be just beginning to wrap your mind around the precarious nature of the current currency. So what you really need to know is some straight up tips on how to purchase gold bullion.

American gold bullion coins are sometimes thought to be very highly priced for the amount of gold actually being purchased. That has a lot to do with the fact that investors are flocking to gold in droves these days. Coins are the easiest and most portable form of gold for most people.  Investors are becoming increasingly uneasy about assets that are not backed by gold.

The gold bullion price today will not likely be the price you’ll pay for a gold bullion ounce tomorrow. The price is changes constantly. But the good news is that even if the value of dollars or yen or any other currency else falls, gold values will remain high.

If you’re looking for ways to protect your financial interests down the road and even in the not too distant future, then you might want to look for ways to invest in cheap gold bullion, gold bullion ingots, or even gold bullion bars as soon as you possibly can.

Once you learn where to buy gold bars you’ll be on your way to securing your future. The stock market has more ups and downs than a boardwalk roller coaster ride. All you really need to do is check out the gold bullion charts for the last ten years to see what an impressive investment gold has been.




Jun 23

Gold Investing

Many of the people interested in gold investing  these days are not your traditional buttoned-up investment types of people. These are people who have gotten mistrustful of governments that continue to manipulate the value of paper money and interest rates.

gold investingThey’ve become crushed under the rates of inflation and are trying to pay their bills and just barely getting by. More and more of these people are searching online for the best place to buy gold bullion. Many of them are also interested in where to sell gold bullion as well. Gold investing is very popular these days.

These people are not at all interested in learning about the gold bullion IRA accounts they can have. They’d rather just invest in gold with the understanding that if the worst ever does happen, then they are prepared – at least to some degree – to deal with the financial aftermath of a dollar collapse. They will have something of value to exchange for goods and services.

To the people who fear the government and the growing control the government has over all things money, a single gold bullion ounce represents security and even freedom. They aren’t worried about finding ways to get the best gold bullion rate. This isn’t about pumping up their net worth or increasing their portfolio. Gold investing is about their survival, plain and simple.

Getting Started With Gold Investing

It’s possible to find gold bullion coins for sale that are fairly easy to transport and store. The problem some people come across when doing any gold bullion selling and buying is that they must go out of their way to make the transactions.

It is possible though to buy silver bullion online as well as gold. When you buy a gold bullion bar online you can get Canadian gold bullion for a decent price as far as shipping is concerned. You can also buy gold bullion direct from local retailers that specialize in gold coins as well as gold bullion brokers.

It doesn’t really matter why you’ve made the decision to buy gold bullion. What matters is that you have the ability to get the amount of gold coins or bullion you need in order to feel financially secure today and also in the future.

There’s a lot of gold bullion selling going on across the world. There’s no reason you can’t get in on it and enjoy the peace of mind that goes along with feeling that your family’s financial future is safe.

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